Are you afraid of storms, lightning or thunders? Then you are suffering from a phobia called Brontophobia. Although it may sound like a strange disease, this is a very common anxiety disorder worldwide. Nowadays, there are many alternative treatments to deal with this condition. One of the techniques that has proven effective is hypnosis, since it is capable of eliminating the anxiety caused by storms.

What are Phobias?

A phobia is an extreme fear to an object or event. This can even disrupt a person's life, because they will do anything to avoid the anxiety caused by a phobia.

Symptoms of Brontophobia

People suffering from Brontophobia may feel that their heart begins to pump harder, they can begin to sweat more intensely, and their fear tends to increase to the point that they can feel really sick. This can happen simply by noticing a distant thunder or lightning.

In some cases, this anxiety disorder can be so severe that people are afraid just to hear a loud noise resembling thunder.

In most cases, this anxiety disorder begins in early childhood. During this stage, it is common for children to hide under the bed covers when they hear a thunder and see lightning. This can cause a big trauma to the child, since they usually feel powerless against the weather conditions.

Even though this phobia happens more frequently in children, Brontophobia may also develop in adulthood. For example, many people have been traumatized after experiencing a hurricane or other natural disaster.


There are several treatments for Brontophobia such as psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medications, but none of them are as effective as hypnosis. One advantage of this technique is that it has no side effects and, for this reason, is highly recommended for children.

Hypnosis therapy is often very effective because it manages to relax the person suffering from this anxiety disorder. When a person feels relaxed, it's much easier to start the treatment. Most phobias are related to negative stimuli or images associated with a deep fear. For example, when a person notices some thunder clouds, he or she could relate that image to an incoming storm and have a panic attack because of this association.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Ericksonian Hypnosis is one of the therapies which is often used to treat phobias. This therapy is quite effective because it focuses on the unconscious mind of the person suffering from this condition. This approach prevents the conscience from refusing the treatment due to the mind's defense mechanisms.

Neurolinguistic programming

Another technique that has proven to be very effective in treating phobias is known as neurolinguistic programming. This technique proves effective in treating anxiety disorders because it transforms negative thoughts and images into positive ones. If a person is able to change the associations of an image, he or she will be able to eliminate the fear.

Both Ericksonian hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming have a great advantage over conventional hypnosis, because they can be used to treat any type of phobia. This is often of great help if a person has other types of phobias.

Additionally, these treatments often give fast and permanent results, which allow the person suffering from this anxiety disorder to go back to their normal live. By using the techniques mentioned above, virtually anyone can free themselves from Brontophobia in a permanent way.


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