Do you know how to spot a person suffering from a mental illness? Although these signs can be very subtle behaviors, a mental illness always gives clues. Usually, these signs tend to be much more apparent when the condition is quite severe.

Signs of Mental Illness

For example, people with schizophrenia can start talking with themselves, or experience events or respond to other people that exist only in their mind.

Another example is people suffering from severe depression, since they tend to shy away from people and their energy levels are usually very low. People with severe depression tend to avoid any type of activity, since they do not feel like doing anything.

For people with bipolar disorder, mood swings tend to be very extreme. For example, one day they can feel very happy and the next one totally depressed. These changes are usually very visible to the people who live with them.

Mentally Healthy?

If you think about it, mentally healthy people do not attract attention. You could say that mental health is discrete in most cases. In contrast, mental illnesses are very easy to spot, but in many cases people who suffer from some form of mental illness try to hide the symptoms.

There are some aspects that a person suffering from this condition can do to improve their mental health.

1. Planning decisions: it is normal during the day to take many decisions, although most of these tend to be impulsive, or in other words, they are not reasoned. When making any type of decision, being aware about the personal needs and the ones from other people can help take better decisions.

2. Take care about your physical health: it is undeniable that there is a direct relationship between mental health and physical exercise. Of course, there are exceptions, such as people who have some physical damage but are mentally healthy. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most people. For that reason, it is important to have a specific time during the day to exercise the body. The activity doesn´t have to be tough; you just need to increase your blood circulation and heart beats.

3. Avoid intoxicating substances: some substances like drugs or alcohol can cause a person to have a distorted view about them. This is so serious that the person suffering from mental illness can deny they have a problem, since the drugs make them feel good.

4. Sharing your feelings: the inability to express feelings and social isolation are some of the aspects that increase the effects of mental illness. Many people suffering from mental illness have benefited from having someone who will listen to them, or attending support groups. Also, there are other means available to express the feelings such as drawing or writing.

Whether you have a mental illness or not, these tips will help you have a happier life and improve your overall mental health. Be aware that prevention is the best solution to any problem.


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